Seacrest Hotel Romantic Getaway

Over the summer I spent A LOT of time with my children, mostly on my own. Then school started and we got into our fast-paced routine. Then dance lessons, karate practice, soccer games all began in full force. Then we took the kids away for a couple of weekends, and you all know that’s not a vacation.

So I felt like my husband and I were due. We were due some time alone. I remembered that we were supposed to go to the Seacrest Beach Hotel over the summer with the kids but we just couldn’t make it work out. So I called them up and I said how about I try romantic getaway? And they said come on down, we’ll take care of you.

This was November 1st, which is fine.  My husband and I were born and raised in and around Boston so we know what November can be like around theses parts. However, what we expected to do was to maybe, you know, get on the beach for a little while to hold hands for a walk. That lasted for all of five minutes. There is some photo evidence of it below. But then it was an all out freezing rain/ sleet/snow monsoon. It was CRAZYTOWN.

So we had to stay in for most of the time, which wasn’t terrible ;-).

The Sea Crest hotel started out as a theater in 1929. It was destroyed by a fire in 1936. The only structure to survive was an old prohibition era gambling and drinking establishment called the Old Silver Beach Club.  Then those remaining buildings were destroyed by the hurricane in 1938.  In 1942 a new owner named Lou Walters opened the Latin Quarter. It became one of Cape Cod’s most popular hotel and dinner theaters. Oh, he also has a very famous daughter named Barbara who grew up right there on Old Silver Beach :-)

During World War II the military took over the resort to use for housing staff from Camp Edwards/ Otis Air Force base. After the war, the summer resort activities resumed until 1962. At that time a trio of owners purchased the resort, one of them being Red Auerbach! The bar and restaurant at the hotel is called Red’s. Lots of great memorabilia and quotes from Red along the walls.

Sea Crest is now a part of Scout Hotels. They have other hotels in Nantucket and Florida. The staff at the Sea Crest are knowledgable, helpful, and super friendly. Scout clearly invests in it’s people. Today the Sea Crest is not only a beautiful hotel on Old Silver Beach, but a wedding venue and a conference center. The restaurant is good enough to go to without staying at the hotel. I can’t say that about many hotel restaurants I’ve eaten at.

We hope to get there in the summer this year as well. The kids would love it and we’d like to be on the beach without wearing a winter jacket and nearly getting swept away. Or maybe another romantic getaway for New Year’s Eve? Nana??













































I was given a complimentary hosted stay at the Sea Crest. All opinions are my own.

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