Community Playground Build!

Soooooo what did you do this past weekend?

My friends and I built a gigantic playground!



Yep, that’s right.

Remember that Kitchen Tour that was going to be the death of me last spring? Well, our little community raised that money (143K to be exact) and built that playground! The Playground Committee did an amazing job and we all came together this weekend and GOT. IT. DONE.

The poor kids have to wait a week and just LOOK AT IT while the cement sets.
But then we can let them loose and their little heads will explode with JOY!

So if there is something that seems insurmountable. Like it just can’t possibly be done. Just take the first step and just keep going.

One dollar becomes 10, becomes a thousand, becomes 100K, then it becomes a playground.

Surround yourself with awesome, smart, go get ’em types and it will get done.

Find your community and keep moving toward that seemingly insurmountable goal. You (plural) can do it!

And don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty ;-) Here’s me rockin’ some manual labor!



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  1. justine /

    Awesome job! I can’t believe that you raised that much money?! Wowzers!

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