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My mother enrolled me in ballet class when I was just 3 because, well, I was a bit of clutz. Most three year olds are a bit clumsy, but I couldn’t seem to get out of my own way. And so began a life long love of dance. What do you want to be when you grow up? For a number of years the reply would always be “A ballerina.”

I took ballet for a few years before moving on to gymnastics. The floor exercise and the beam were always my favorite. The floor was about dance for me and the beam was about beautiful lines and balance. Dance, beautiful lines, balance: I still wanted to be a ballerina.

More often then not if you surprise me at home you will find me dancing in my kitchen. Dance parties happen there all the time in fact. There is always music on in my house.  My kids gleefully join me for a moment when they know I won’t try to tame their behavior. “Just dance.” I say!

Does every little girl dream of being a ballerina? Perhaps. I know that I certainly did. Those costumes. The leaps and spins that seem almost effortless and ethereal. It was like magic what they could do. And all the while remaining beautiful. Even the word ballerina is lovely don’t you think? Ballerina.

I’m so lucky to live near a city with a world class a world class – The Boston Ballet. I have been to the Nutcracker quite a few times. A couple of years ago I took my own young ballerina to experience the all new Nutcracker at the Opera House in Boston. It was magical.

So needless to say, I was excited to open my email the other day to an invitation to see The Boston Ballet’s Swan Lake. I have never seen Swan Lake in person before. I’m giddy.

Sometimes I feel like she’s still there. That young dancer. The soft leather of my pink ballet shoes. The way the skirt moved around my tiny hips. Getting lost in the music. I know she’s somewhere in here, hiding in this middle aged tired body.

Every once and a while I feel as light on my feet as that young dancer. I know for sure I will be feeling that way as I step in to the Opera House next week.

Swan Lake runs from October 30-November 16, 2014 at the Boston Opera House

Boston Ballet presents the world premiere of Mikko Nissinen’s Swan Lake, the classic fairytale of the Swan Queen Odette, Prince Siegfried, and the sorcery, betrayal and love, that unites them for all eternity. The production features magnificent new costumes and sets, with choreography that captures the flare and heart of Tchaikovsky’s romantic score.

The second collaboration between Mikko Nissinen and award-winning designer Robert Perdziola (set and costume designer for Boston Ballet’s The Nutcracker) has a new prologue and scenic details that recall the emotion and impact of Petipa and Ivanov’s original ballet. As timeless as the love that binds Siegfried and Odette it will leave you spellbound until the very end. This is the Swan Lake not to be missed.

You can purchase your tickets to Swan Lake at the Boston Opera House HERE!




I have been given tickets to attend Swan Lake for this post. Image used with permission. All opinions expressed in this post (and my sharing on social media) are my own.

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