Rain, rain, go…BOWLING! Or what to do when it rains on the Cape.


We’ve been on the cape for a while. Like a week and a half. So of course it’s going to rain at some point. It actually hailed last week. It was totally crazy.

But that was an event so we stayed in and watched it and then made snowballs out of it when it was safe to leave the house. As you do.

I have come to realize that when you’re on a beach holiday you need to have some sort of plan. A rainy day plan.

I was watching Chronicle recently and they did a segment on the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History. The thing I remember most about it was the director saying how crazy it was that people would stand out in the rain waiting to come in on a rainy day, so that was out. Duh.

There is only one rated G movie playing this summer. ONE! Planes Fire and Rescue and we’ve seen it.

We don’t have the plethora of crafts that we have  at home here at the cottage and they have pretty much played every game.

So we stayed inside the house all day waiting for the rain to start and then ramp up and doing a whole lot of nothing.

Finally, I thought. We should go BOWLING! Seriously it was like 6 hours in. At that point we were then waiting for Nana to get to the house so we could play legos with her and go out to dinner.



How could I have not remember bowling? My kids are crazy about bowling.

Recently we went to an event at Kings in Back Bay. They loved every minute of it. Even the food. YES, we ate at the bowling alley and it was good! More than good. We even sampled some of their signature cocktails. It was just samples people. It was midday and my kids were with me. But they were YUM.


Bowling at Kings.



Super yummy food at Kings.



One of Kings signature cocktails

Bowling, food, and cocktails. That would have been a much better rainy day for me than whining, fighting, and complaining.

So the moral of the story is make a plan people! Make a rainy day plan whether you’re on vacation or at home. Have something up your sleeve.  Museums, movies, libraries, theater, malls, BOWLING. Seems like parenting 101. But sometimes your glass half full, our vacation will be full of sunshine, doesn’t pan out ;-)

Have a plan so you don’t end up fighting all day and wishing you could just line them up and bowl them down with a beach ball. I swear I did NOT have that thought until just now.


*In case you’re wondering (and I know you are) that thing I’m using to film is a monopod, or a selfie stick. It’s fun!!
This is the one I have without the remote
But I think I might try this one next

Disclosure: Thanks so much to King’s for hosting us for the day and for taking such good care of us! This post and all of my related activity on social media was in return for this fun day out. The link to the monopod is an Amazon Affiliate link.

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