Friday Phone Fun

OR get your mothereffing videos off your gad damn phone already ;-)

Not quite as catchy right? Can’t find a short hashtag or that one.

I’m going with



You all take tons of photos and videos with your phone and then they all just sit there? Right?

Let’s do something with them! Even if you just post one clip. JUST ONE. Put it up and let us see it. Put it on Youtube. Don’t have a channel? Get one. Put it on Facebook. Don’t want to? Send it to me! I’ll post it for you here :-) I don’t care. Get it OFF your phone.

They are only little once… BLA BLA BLA.


Don’t just banish all those cute videos to iMovie archives. Let us see them!

This little movie took me all of 20 minutes to make. I loved doing it! The kids have already watched it a bunch. If only the kids and the Nanas watch I have succeeded at LIFE right here on a Friday afternoon.

But you could cut that time down to 2 minutes with no or minimal editing. All of your social media channels take video. What are you waiting for?


Link it here in the comments.
I’ll set up a post on Facebook for you to link it there.Tag me on Facebook so I can see it. (Like me here ) Use the hashtag #FridayPhoneFun.
I’ll put them in Playlist on Youtube! Tag it in the title or youtube tag as FridayPhoneFun and it will go right to a playlist on my channel (Subscribe :-)

Tweet it! Use the hashtag, you guessed it #FridayPhoneFun. (I’m on Twitter here.)


Do it before you have to delete it to make room for more cute that you’ll eventually delete or leave to die on a hard drive somewhere. Think nobody wants to see it? I do. You do. The grandparents do. The kids do.

Show me what you got!



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  1. This is a great idea Sharon! I look forward to taking part in the hashtag fun! The Lord knows I have a lot of stuff on my phone!!!

    • ViolaCay /

      Thanks Annie. I’m going to try out a few apps for next Friday and let you all know about them!

  2. Nice. Video editing is so quick and easy now. A YouTube channel is a must.

    • ViolaCay /

      I know! Must have the Tube! I’m writing a post today about how to sign up! Easy peasy :-)

  3. Oh wow, you got me in the gut when you said “leave to die on a hard drive somewhere.” Yep, that’s me. This is good motivation, will definitely have to do this. Plus, I just need to take more video of the kids, period. I’m always taking photos, more videos!

    • ViolaCay /

      Oh boy the amount of video that I have that is just sitting around! It’s time for me to practice what I preach. This whole thing is just a way for me to trick myself into editing ;-)

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