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The extra money in this house doesn’t go to decorating. It’s a sad story I know. It’s pretty low on the list. Extra money goes to organic food, kid activities, travel, home improvement, and then, maybe, decorating.

My husband is an architect so he has pretty specific ideas about how our house should look and how we should decorate. And of course so do I. One of our biggest fights ever was over paint color. In my defense I was 8 months pregnant, so clearly I WAS RIGHT. Right?

So when I get a little mad money the easiest way I know to freshen the look of the house is with accessories like rugs and pillows. I love a good throw pillow!

Exhibit A :-)

Bianca Green Her Daily Motivation Throw Pillow


I found this pillow on one of my favorite everything home websites, Wayfair.com. Recently, they launched a new feature called Wayfair Daily Deals. Each day there are new collections filled with items that are available on sale, but only for 72 hours. There are collections for furniture, rugs, office, patio, kitchen, kids, and more. You get an email in your inbox and you poke around for a bit and find some awesome stuff like this:


Decorative Pillow in White & Yellow    Hea Throw Pillow in Blueberry

These two could brighten any room. The more I look at that yellow one the more I love it.

Home & Porch Sand Rug

Covington Summer Siesta Blue & Green Rug

These two are similar but so different, I can’t decide which I want to put in the living room.

And then there’s this cabinet. Can I talk about how much I love this cabinet? I covet this cabinet. It doesn’t come under the accessory category, but it would be lovely in my home.

Shelby Cabinet in Brown


See what you can find at Wayfair when you’re not even looking for it? To sign up for Wayfair Daily Deals add your email addy to the widget below. Done!


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This post has been sponsored by Wayfair as a member of their Wayfair Homemaker Community. All opinions are my own.

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  1. I love, love, love that Covington rug. Might actually have to buy it for my balcony! Nice picks, Viola!

    • ViolaCay /

      Thanks Elena! It was fun choosing. I really need that cabinet.

  2. That effing pillow Cracks Me Up!

  3. I love everything you picked out – especially the rugs. Great choices!

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