Red Sox Moms honor Fathers Day

Red Sox Moms honor Fathers Day – with Baseball! What else?


We went to the Red Sox game on Father’s Day. For the first time as a family, thanks to The Red Sox Foundation and Red Sox Moms. I’m super proud to be connected to the Red Sox Foundation in this way. And we were SUPER excited to get the invitation to go to the game.

We are season ticket holders to the Red Sox. Now before you get all “Well excuuuuuse me , Miss Fancy Pants.” We have the 10th Man Plan which they offered for only a limited number of years. My husband bought them the day after the Aaron Boone fiasco in 2003. Nobody had any faith in them. We got them for a song. We get ten pairs of tickets every season. Our seats are not in the bleachers but they’re also not behind home plate. That’s not me wearing those yellow headphones ;-)

So we can only go together or take one kid at a time. But most of the time my husband uses them as a business expense to either take or give to clients. I hadn’t been to a game in years. My youngest, now four hadn’t been at all. His brother and sister had both been write a few time by the time they were four. But Little has a peanut allergy and we were petrified to take him. The invitation came in and I talked with my husband about it and we felt more comfortable taking him as a team for his first game in case anything went wrong. So it was settled.

Father’s Day at the Ballpark!

Very first Red Sox game. We of course have trained him well  to already to have a distaste for the guys from New York.

It is an amazing feat to have your kids last for an entire baseball game. This place helped A LOT! It’s the Red Sox Kid Nation Clubhouse. We JUST missed Wally and his father as we were coming in. :-(

That’s where Wally would have sat, so the kids had it to themselves.

The boys getting some batting practice in on the Wii!

My girl making a Wally fan to bring back to our seats.

My kids were smitten with the magician in the Kids club. They spent the most time with him.


A few fun games to win small prizes. Kids LOVE prizes!


All three kids lasted the whole game thanks to the Red Sox Kid Nation Club House and some well placed snacks and ice cream. We had so much fun!

And here we are A Red Sox Family!




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