So I clicked a Facebook Ad and was pleasantly, um, uplifted

It’s like Stitch Fix for your Boobs!

Does anyone really click on those ads? Anyone?

A year ago I think my answer would have been “Hell NO!” But two weeks ago I saw one that caught my eye. It was a beautiful bra. I know right? A bra? Really? That’s what gets you? Well boobs are awesome! Who doesn’t like boobies? Food and fun all rolled into one :-)

I digress. I clicked the ad. I did! It was for a company called True & Co.


So here’s the uplifted part.

I have been wearing the same bra every day for the past 10 months or so. I am not even kidding. It gets washed, sometimes. But really, the same bra. Every day. Because it is the most, um, uplifting bra I own.

I got it last year at the outlets in North Conway, NH. Our annual trip up north to Storyland. The perfect time to buy a bra you say. Why of course!

I go in to the bra outlet, Hanes, Bali, Warner, something. I look around at literally thousands of bras. My boobs have been a 36DD, a 34C, a 32B, and really everything in between. Reduction surgery, 3 pregnancies, 3 babies nursed, 14.5% body fat and then back up. Lots of sizes. I think everything has finally settled, down (ahem). Meanwhile I have about 20 bras that I never wear from all these different periods of my life that just sort of fit.

A crazy old lady (and I mean that with much respect, but still. I call ’em like I see ’em) asks if I need help and then proceeds to feel me up. I don’t have much shame after having three kids, but still.

The end result of that chance encounter in a fitting room was a bra that fit pretty well. I got two, but for some reason only ever wear the nude one, not the pretty purple one?? Go figure.

So back to the ad. I should really get a new bra right? That one is pretty, I think to myself. So I click True & Co. ad to see what it’s all about. I figured at the very least I could do a little review for True & Co for the ole blog here.

The site asks me if I want to take a fit quiz. Sure I have a few minutes to procrastinate. I answer 15 questions about the boobage. They make suggestions. I pick out 3 bras and they pick out two. 3-5 business days later a pretty package of bras arrived.


At first try on it seemed like every one of them fit. I was pretty floored. I tried them on again the next day and one didn’t fit. Still 4/5 ain’t bad. I ended up keeping 2 and sending two that fit back for reasons other than fit. (One was too sheer and the other was a strapless and I already have one. Does a mom of three really need two strapless bras to hang out in the school pick up/drop off line?!)

This is not an ad of any kind. I paid for my bras. However if you check out the site please do use the link above or this one here   – it’s a referral link. And then if you buy anything I may get a free bra someday. Woot!

I just thought you all would like to know about it. It’s like Stitch Fix for your boobs!! At home try on is free you pay for what you keep. Send back anything else. I mean trying on bras is like trying on swimsuits – UGH! Who wants to spend your no kid time doing that. Becasue you certianly can’t do it with the littles. I may or may not have had to run after someone in an ill fitting bra in the dressing room before. Someone just give me a few, or five, that might work and let me try them on at home!

Just in case you all have been wearing the same old gnarly bras for a year too. Just me? No? Yes? You don’t have to tell me it’s okay :-) Just go get a new bra already wouldya!


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