What the Heck Are You Eating – Detox Edition

Feeling Good. Again. I hope it lasts. Things are looking up. Phase 2 is OVAH (if you’re not from Boston that’s OVER).

Vlog #8!! Today I’m answering the question”What the heck are you eating?” You know. And now you will.


Off you go…



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  1. Love all these! What do you use for your vlog to make the cute intro!

    Now I’m motivated (let’s see if I actually do it!) to do something with all my video clips of the kids.

    • ViolaCay /

      I use a program called Motion. It’s a motion graphic app. It used to come with Final Cut Pro but I think you can buy it separately now.


  1. Joyce Chen Spiral Slicer Zucchasta! Zucchini Pasta | Viola Cay - […] doing the Whole Food Detox I’ve really been adding more and more, well, whole foods into our diet here…

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