Video Holiday Cards

We don’t send out Holiday Cards per se. We create video cards and have for the past 7 years. The kids love it. I love it. Husband loves it because he’s not involved at all in the filming (he has no patience for such shenanigans). Our friends and family love it.

SO MUCH LOVE. And no good ideas this year. None.

Video Cards

Every year I try to make it bigger and better, or just better. Last year I think we slipped a little, peaking in 2011. So I’d like to get back on track.

However, I’m stumped. I asked the kids. Nate said something about Minecraft. Sienna mentioned princesses or cats in a dollhouse or I don’t even know! And Theo thought we should all take a race. So um, yeah they’re pretty useless at this brainstorming thing.


Want to see them all? Here are the last seven years if you like to take a look. Please, the compression is bad on some I couldn’t find the original files, so settle down.

Ok, now go…

Who’s got ideas?? Hit me with ’em!

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