Happy Holidays 2013

I had SUCH a hard time thinking of something for the kids to do for our video Holiday card this year. I only honestly came up with something that seemed like an idea 2 days ago. I had the kids learn the song  and off we went yesterday to film it.

It’s not my best work – they, however, are as cute as all get out…

Then my husband said you know what would be funny if you just did all the outtakes. Um yeah where were you with your ideas a month ago. We are t- 8 hours here!! So I did it anyway, because I’m crazy like that. It’s hysterical.

So if you’ve ever wonder what it takes to get three kids to come together, look cut, and sing a holiday dsong with a camera in their face. Here ya go…

We here at ViolaCay hope you have a wonderful Holiday season filled with laughs and love, family and feasts, peace and prosperity.

See you in 2014!

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