Enjoy it

That’s what the old woman in the grocery store always says right?

“Enjoy it. It goes by so fast.”

They always seem to say it when someone is hanging from a shelf or some such nonsense. They’re always doing some sort of kid thing that is exasperating us to no end and suddenly in swoops an octogenarian to tell us to appreciate it all.

It’s not that they’re telling us to appreciate that particular bit of kid crazy, but just all of it.

It’s like they see a kid acting all nutso in the grocery store and they think of their own little sweetie. They think of her and the wonderful woman she’s become, and they start going backwards in time until they see her in their minds eye again as a little girl.

They see the sleeping five year old that they can’t believe is now a lawyer downtown with a family of her own.

They remember that when they used to check on her before going to bed and brush her hair aside and kiss her one last time that sometimes she would smile in her sleep.

They can’t believe where the years have gone and that sometimes they focused a bit too much on the crazy in the grocery store and not enough on the fun, and the love, and the simple sleepy smiles in the middle of the night.



I was just smiled at.

Enjoy it mamas, it goes by so fast.

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  1. Thanks for the lovely reminder that I really needed!

  2. Adorable. Tonight I was just lamenting that my 5yo (my 5yo!!) doesn’t need me anymore. *sniff*

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