Elementary School Fundraiser

I don’t ask you guys for much. (Do I? Maybe I do? Read this blog! Subscribe to my YouTube! Cut yourself some slack! Ack sorry about that, maybe I do?!)

I’m not really asking you to do anything here either except to click this lovely little link and do any Amazon shopping you might be thinking of doing today, this weekend, Cyber Monday, or any ole day.


It is an Affiliate link. That means when you click that link and do your shopping a percentage of your sale will go to to an Amazon Affiliate account for my kids’ elementary school. I’m not getting any of that money. Promise.

Unless you count that I’m a member of the PTO and it goes to the PTO and then the PTO will use it to build a new playground. Did you know that playgrounds have and expiration date of sorts? They are only useful and safe (SAFE!) for a set number of years. The playground at their school is set to expire soon. We need to raise a crapton of money :-)

So thanks. I really appreciate it. My kids appreciate it. Their friends appreciate it. Our community appreciates it.

Need some more encouragement? If you didn’t get here through Youtube, check it

Ok get shopping people!

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