Getting Fit for Fall

This summer I ran some and I did some barre classes to keep my curves from getting outta hand.

I LOVED the barre classes, but they were pretty spendy. I can’t keep up with that monetary output. I will go again but I need to find something that fits my schedule a bit better as well as my wallet.

All of my best buds are runners. Like marathon runners, runners. That will never be me. It’s just not a goal that I have. In fact I don’t really like running all that much. However, running for a half hour or an hour would be AWESOME. I want to be able to pop out of the house and go for a quick run and get on with my day.

Enter Planet Shoes Get Fit for Fall!

Get Fit for Fall is an online campaign challenging us to accomplish your fitness goals! Whether it be completing a 5k or finishing 10 pushups, it’s time to get fit with the help of PlanetShoes and your fellow fitness fanatics. Join Fit 4 Fall today!

Go to Planet Shoes and see what it’s all about. Set a goal. Join in the discussion. Get off your butt and get #Fit4Fall!

So I’ve got my shoes and I’m ready to go. I just need all of these kids to get back to a regular back to school schedule now. What about you?

What are your fitness goals? Do you like to run??


Planet Shoes sneakers #Fit4Fall




This post, and my sharing on social media, was inspired by my participation in in the #Fit4Fall by Planet Shoes.
I have been given a free pair of kicks for my time. All opinions are, of course, my own.

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  1. I LOVE to run, but an injury and other foot “problem” have slowed me down a bit. I hope to increase my walking/running mileage this fall so I can then train for my first half marathon.

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