Be pretty

I can be pretty sometimes.

I’m not always in sweatpants sporting my signature ponytail. I don’t always have sunglasses on to hide a multitude of sins.

Sometimes, I put on makeup. Sometimes I blow out my hair. Sometimes I even put on heels. And sometimes these things all come together. When I walk down the stairs my kids will light up and say “Mommy you look so pretty!”. My little girl rushes to me to check out my jewelry and oos and ahhs over the baubles. They are always so surprised by my appearance. Sigh.

I think I need to start doing this more than sometimes. I feel better and more confident when I look better. I don’t think it’s vanity and I don’t think it’s silly. When I look better I feel better. Watch out preschool pick up line, I’m looking at you :-)

So when Be Styled asked if I’d like a complimentary blowout and style. I said “Hells yeah!”.

They call themselves a Blow Dry Lounge. It’s swanky and the stylists are lovely. I was offered champagne and watched the Devil Wears Prada while she worked her magic.

$35 for someone else to wash and style your hair so you can Be Pretty. Totally worth it.


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  1. Love this post. And for the record, don’t think I’ve ever seen you look anything but pretty!

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