Motherhood Comes Naturally, by Scary Mommy


Naturally. HA!

The lies we’re told about motherhood before and after we give birth are hilarious, and Scary Mommy is out to prove that with her new book.

Scary Mommy book


As someone who has commented a time or two on the confession boards at Scary Mommy (Go ahead TRY to guess which are mine :-) and as a regular reader of her site I was beyond thrilled to meet Jill Smokler of Scary Mommy the other day! A bunch of local bloggers met up for coffee thanks to Mommy Niri (she’s all connected and stuff ;-)

Jill read from her new book, Motherhood Comes Naturally (and Other Vicious Lies)while this old man pretended not to listen.

He cleared his throat quite a few times and rustled that paper loudly. She was reading about sex after kids from the lie chapter entitled Parenting Strengthens a Marriage. I actually like to think that we were the highlight of his day.

She’s funny and smart and lovely and you should go buy the book. It should be a fun summer read. In the middle of August, when maybe I can get two effing seconds to myself, that’s what I’ll be doing.






The link above is an Amazon Affiliate link, FYI ;-)

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  1. Thanks so much, both for coming and for writing about it. You’re awesome!!

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