Your Mission, List, should you choose to accept it.

Your mission? To join The Mission List. I know I have a fair amount of readers who are connected, influencers, social media savvy ladies and gents, if you will. Wouldn’t you like to use your super powers for good?

Members of The Mission List are keen on using their social media influence to impact social good at home and abroad. Members receive opportunities to participate in social good campaigns involving issues such as child and maternal health, global development, women’s rights, and hunger. It doesn’t matter if you’re a mom with influence in your local community, a social media maven, an experienced blogger who writes about design, parenting, home, food, work, or a little bit of everything — as long as you have a desire to use your influence for good, you belong on The Mission List. ~TML

Now I’m going to tell you totally up front that if you join and you mention I referred you I will gain an entry into a contest for a trip to BlogHer. Now I’d be super excited if you did that. But I’d also be super excited for YOU if you joined The Mission List. Lots of amazing opportunities to do some social good. AND I’d be super excited for The Mission List to be gaining some of the aforementioned social media savvy super women.

The Mission List

I have been participating in campaigns for The Mission List for over a year now. Like campaigns for Oxfam, and No Kid Hungry. It really feeds my need for doing good while blogging. I really love that part of blogging. Being able to help a nonprofit or a cause. Or to just bear witness. It’s important.

Sometimes I feel helpless when I see all the different difficult things going on in the world. What the hell can I do about it? There’s only some many times I can text the Redcross.

Well, I have this little space on the big ole interent and a couple of people listening to me. So I can write about it. Hopefully something will connect with you. Hopefully you’ll click. Maybe you’ll tell someone else about such and such. Or you’ll make a donation, or buy a product. Who knows what will happen. But I do know one thing if I don’t do anything, nothing will happen here.

So let’s do something!
First step join The Mission List.
Second step, do some good.

A message from one of our fearless leaders. I am mean that sincerely. The women that run this place are fierce and fearless and full of awesome.

There should be a a video here. If not, just refresh the page and like magic it’ll be there!

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