charity: water. also, my kids are awesome.

All of my kids’ birthdays are within three weeks of each other. It’s a hectic and cake filled three weeks. Cake makes everything better. I actually love it. I love that they are excited for their own birthdays and equally excited about their siblings birthdays!

Last year we had separate birthdays for everyone. This year we diecided on one big bash. We had just been to Disney and spent a ridiculous fair amount of money and had told them it was part of their birthday presents. We knew that when birthdays rolled around they wouldn’t really remember it that way.

So one big party was planned. Next I wanted to fend off the present frenzy. I’ve been trying to pare down around here and the thought of 30 or so more plastic things in my house had me in hives. I approached the oldest with an idea about giving his birthday over to charity: water instead.

We discussed it.

We watched videos.

We cried.

I think the clincher was him seeing me cry over some of the videos. I really tried not to, but I’m a crier. At one point he reached out and put his hand on my back “You ok mom?” He’s such a sweet boy. We even won over the almost 5 year old after a few days. She kept asking to watch the videos and it started to click.

I want them to learn to give back. We don’t have a ton, but we have enough. More than enough. We live in a very wealthy town. I need for my kids to understand that most of the world does not live like that, or even like this.

So we started a campaign:

Then, like ya do, we made a video:

There should be an awesome video here. If not, please refresh your browser. It will appear like magic!

The charity: water team saw the video today for the first time and left a donation!

They left a comment that my oldest just thought was the best. “A donation for each of you — from the charity: water team. Thanks for being rockstars. We love your video!”


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  1. I feel blessed to know such a compassionate friend. You are raising amazing kids and the world is better with your family in it.

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