Here a chick, there a chick, everywhere a Chickpea!

We call them crunchy things in our house. The yummy crunchy, usually salty, snacks that we know aren’t good for us but we love anyway.

“Do you want some crunchy things?” I say.

We buy healthy crunchy things. But they’re not what they are KWIM? Like vegetable chips or sticks. The kids just think they’re eating chips.

I’ve tried to make healthy crunchy things. The kids are “Meh” about Kale chips. Chick peas? Every single time I try to roast them they come out all wonky. Some are soft, some are too crunchy. Then I put too little spice or not enough. I’ve never gotten it right. Never. But the few that I find in there that are good, I love. So I keep trying.

I was walking down the natural food aisle of the supermarket the other day and I see these little packages getting no love on the bottom shelf. Does that say “Chick Peas”?  And there are four different bags! Four different flavors?! I was a little too excited about the chickpeas. I think my 3yo actually shushed me.
Biena Foods Erb Photography

I bought all four flavors of the Biena Food Roasted Chickpeas. I have to confess, I did not have high expectations. I mean come on – they’re chickpeas.

Clearly because I’m posting about them I liked them. I wouldn’t tell you about something that I thought was yucky. But I didn’t just like them, I loved them! The honey roasted were my favorite.

I feel like these snacks could be your grandmother’s ;-) They are made with all-natural ingredients that you can feel good about putting in your body. That includes the actual chickpeas, which are non-GMO and come from American farms! For centuries, chickpeas have been prized for their protein, fiber and nutrient content. They’re satisfying and help keep you energized all day. People worldwide love them, like me! And you know what else? If you’re in Massachusetts – they’re LOCAL. Gotta love giving the love to local.

These things are what our grandmother’s snacked on, I’m sure of it. But I know they didn’t taste this good! Poorvi and her team went through 500+ test bathches to get the flavors right for me, I mean, us.

So you wanna try ’em? The good people at Biena would like you to try them too! They want to send you that sampler pack above. Awesome right?

Visit the Biena website and tell me which flavor you’d most like to try! Just leave a comment below.

You can get extra entry by:
Liking ViolaCay on Facebook Leave a separate comment.
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Maybe if we all love them enough they’ll move them off the bottom shelf to the money spot at eye level ;-)

The winner is Julia M. – Congrats!


Winner has 24 hours to respond before a new winner is chosen. This giveaway will close at 11:59PM ET,  May 21th, 2013. Please leave a separate comment for each entry and remember to use a valid email address. The winner will be chosen via the WordPress plugin “And the Winner Is” and will be notified by email and announced here on the blog. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Dave Storms /

    Honey roasted, please! YUM!!!!!

  2. OMG – too funny! I have all the ingredients to roast my own but have been chicken because my friend makes them and they are divine. BUT someone else has tried it and has similar mush issues as you did. I will try to make my own, but I would lOVE to try the honey roasted or maybe sea salt!

  3. So funny! We tried making them at had the same problem as you did. Love Biena – perfect amount of crunch and seasoning. We love cinnamon maple and dying to try honey roasted.

  4. Sea salt for me! Cinnamon maple for the kids and husband.

  5. sea salt sounds great to me!

  6. I like Viola Cay on FB!

  7. Christine Donofrio /

    I really love them too! The Cinnamon Maple are my favorite! How do they get them so yummy without any sugar?!?

  8. like violacay on FB

  9. like biena on FB

  10. OMG. I love roasted chickpeas. I have a friend that makes them deliciously, but mine never turn out as great. I’m going to have to try the sea salt ones…

  11. I like salty so I’d love to try the sea salt!

  12. I like you on Facebook (and real life, too!).

  13. Lollie - The Fortuitous Housewife /

    I’ve been likin’ VC for on FB for quite some time now.

  14. Lollie - The Fortuitous Housewife /

    I’d love to try all four flavors, but if you’re gonna force me to choose just one, I’ll pick BBQ.

  15. Lollie - The Fortuitous Housewife /

    And now I’m likin’ Biena on FB too.

  16. I would love to try the sea salt and/or cinnamon maple!