It’s My Birthday!

It is my birthday today!!

I will politely wait for you to finish singing…

Thank you :-)


I think I missed like a whole week of blogging in there. I do not know what happened. Life happened, I guess. I’m busy. We’re all busy.

Except for the lady at the nail salon today who is SO MUCH BUSIER than me and everyone else on the planet. She must have told me how busy she was, or how much she had to do, or going on, or however you’d like to phrase it –  like 6 times.


Deep breath.

I tell you this only to get to the part where I got a mani/pedi today! It was looooong overdue. I was supposed to get one before we went to Disney but then sick children happened. Then I was supposed to get it AT Disney, but then sick children happened. Oy.

So tra la LA!! –  today was the day. I have pretty pink fingernails and lovely purple toenails.

Someone at home became jealous of my toes and insisted I become a pedicurist. Immediately.

cute toes with piggy paint

Gosh how I love those toes.

I tell you this also because I am not my usual angsty self this birthday. Oftentimes I get the birthday blues. But I’m doing ok. This weird encounter with crazy lady might have unhinged me other years and other days, but NOT today. My kids are healthy. Husband has some super secret cake making plans (she spilled it during her pedicure :-) All is well.

Do you ever get weird on your birthday? Do you treat yourself or let others treat you?

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