Babba Box – Crafty fun on your doorstep

I went to an event at Barefoot Books last week and I won the door prize!

There were actually two parts to the raffle that were equally exciting. The first was a credit from Urban Sitters! Can you say Date Night?! I have been itching to use Urban Sitter ever since my speed dating experience with them a while back. But I needed a sitter with a car, and lo and behold AT the event I found a sitter with a car that lives in my town. Squeeeee!

Then as if it couldn’t get any better, the other part of the prize was a 3 month subscription to Babba Box. BabbaCo and Barefoot Books had been keeping my kids busy under the watchful eye of the Urban Sitter while we learned all about Babba Box from its founder Jessica Kim. Jessica is a mom of three and as cute and smart and genuine as you can get. Can you say Girl Crush?! Too far? Ok.

But look! She hand wrote every blogger a lovely note on our goody bag.
See? Aren’t you crushing on her a little bit. Handwritten notes rock! I so need to do this more.

But it’s all about that other thing she does – the Babba Box! From the website…

BabbaBox is a monthly subscription activity box that is delivered to your home with ALL the physical materials plus know-how content to really engage with your kids. Watch the video below to see first hand what the box is all about!


So in the next few months I’ll let you know what we get and how the kids like it. As an admitted non-crafty mama, I am super psyched for the help!



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