Surprise! We’re going to Disney.

Big boy’s reaction is priceless and just what I wanted.

S is cold and not awake and isn’t quite clear until we get in the car what is happening.

I should have taken T’s reaction as a warning of things to come…


If this video does not appear right away, please refresh your browser.

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  1. So darn cute! Little cutie T!!!! Poor guy! I hope you guys are all well and I can’t wait to read the rest! And dude, I totally love what you’ve done there for the end of your videos – LOVE IT!!!!

    • ViolaCay /

      The boys both have a Dr. appt tomorrow 9am. Nate for sure has Scarlet Fever and pneumonia wouldn’t surprise me. Theo’s appt will be talking about a new diagnosis of asthma. Good times.

      And thanks re: video graphics. This lovely gal at Cool Dog Media made that for me ;-)


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