Sick Kids at Disney is a First World Problem

A quick look through the World news anywhere on the internet will tell you that having sick kids at Disney doesn’t really rank up there with the kinds of serious problems facing the world.

As you read my posts over the next week or two realize that I know this. I understand that I am whining and complaing that my otherwise healthy kids got to take a trip to Disney World and didn’t feeeeeeeeel good. I get it. These are first world problems.

I have traveled around the world and have seen first hand the way that some children live, and die. I know that I have a good life and so do my children.

The whining comes from having saved for a couple of years for this, watching my kids not really enjoy it, and wondering if we should have spent the money. However, we can make more money, they did have some fun, and in the end I do think it was a good decision.

The bottom line is the fact that for us, this was probably a once in a childhood trip and I feel sad about that. But not so sad that I don’t see the ridiculousness of it all. I will be telling our story. That’s it. There are lots of stories to tell.

Like this one… or this one…


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  1. Sergio /

    You’re a friggin riot! I love it. Keep’em coming

  2. I think simply the knowledge that this is a first world problem is enough. I don’t believe that the crappy things that happen in our lives are any less crummy because someone else has it worse off. Sucky things suck. I spent a day of our Disney World trip vomiting and it was depressing… your week made mine seem like the most magical vacation of all. =}


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