Just Smile

I’m having kind of a bad day.

Started out with a fight with my husband. My work time flew by without me feeling like much was accomplished.

The house is a mess. I’m not just being dramatic – it’s a mess.

Three pick ups in a row.

The big boy is home for the afternoon and is VERY needy.

I have PMS.

My husband has been working A LOT which is good but I’m tired. And so is he, hence the fight.


I was making lunch for three children who all wanted different things and then complained when they received it.

I was pretty done. I lifted up the colander and see this.

Countertop Smile


It’s like a miracle stain :-)

My countertop was trying to tell me something. I kind of wanted to tell it to fuck off. But …it’s a countertop.

So I just listened to it. Maybe I should just smile and see how that makes me feel.

How’s your day?

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