Flo: Low and Slow? – Day 3 at WDW

Ramone (and everyone in our family): Oh, yeah, baby!


What up Flo?

We woke up again with fever and coughing and gagging, and that was just the fit I was throwing because our vacation was getting RUINED!

No it wasn’t. Really. Maybe.

No, I told you already I was doing a swell job keeping my anxiety from the kids. I was trying anyway. The kids? Right…

Nate woke up sluggish and feverish again and Theo was still struggling with congestion. Now he was hardly eating anything. Fun stuff. Sienna was happy and thank goodness still unaffected by the virus.

We sat around for a bit and it was clear that we needed to rest. We need to take it low and slow that day if we were going to get these kids better. Today would be our non park day.

We got to the pool around 11 and settled in. Nate actually got in and it was good for him to move around and be aided and comforted by the water. He was slow and unanimated, but happy. Sienna was still happy, even happier.

happy hula hoop girl

Happy hula hoop girl!

Everyone ate lunch except for Theo who feel fast asleep in the stroller after a few goldfish. He slept for two hours like that. When he got up he didn’t want to swim or play or even walk around. I tried to take him for a walk around the pool and he made it for a few minutes then just wanted “up”. He snuggled into my neck as other kids squealed and played and splashed around us.

So here we are at the beautiful Art of Animation pool and Nate was still not better, but seems stable, and Theo appears to be getting worse. He doesn’t even want to play! Not even his favorite guy could make him happy.

sad baby with Lightening McQueen

Lightening, I am SO SAD!

Now I’m wondering if I shouldn’t just take them both to the ER.  It’s not an emergency, but we’ve been to the Urgent Care already. I call my pediatrician’s office again. I wait for a call back.I tell her about Nate she says you could take him back to urgent care if I feel like he needs it. Then we turn our attention to Theo. Her feeling is that the neb actually helped him to expel some of the junk in his system. She thinks that I should try it again. Really? My mother and I agree that it seems reasonable. My mom is both a nurse and has asthma. My mom and hubs sat as I take him back to the room. Sienna plays while Nate passes out for a nap on a lounge chair.

Theo does seem better after the neb which gets me to thinking about the last time he had an ear infection and needed a neb. They also put him on an oral steroid and one for the neb. He was much better after that. I call my pharmacy – no refills on those. Gah! I still had the neb meds at the house why didn’t I bring them?? I call my pediatrician’s office again, thinking maybe we can get some of that for him. I wait for a call back. And wait.

When they finally call back she tells me what I know she’s going to say. We can’t prescribe him anything without seeing him. I know. I know! I really just wanted her to say something different. As I’m talking to her. Steve comes to tell me he’s thrown up again. He tells me like the boy’s head had just exploded or something. The drama of it all. My god.

Turns out that after he hurls he starts to feel much better. Both boys climb into the “big” bed in the bedroom and settle in with cartoon for the night. They seem ok for the moment. I resist my urge to take them to the ER only because I know there is nothing else they can do for Nate – the virus needs to take it’s course, and Theo seems better since throwing up. Everyone is calm.

Needless to say we order in. Nana comes over and we try to pretend this is all totally normal, all vacations are like this, and everything is going to be OK!

I have a glass of wine. Now I start to calm down, a bit.

I’m trying Flo! Slow n’ low.

But I just keep thinking why didn’t I bring those extra meds with me? Why didn’t I get this “possible” asthma disgnosis worked out before we left. Why is Nate starting to look red? Why did the delivery place charge me $5 for an minuscule salad?


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  1. Ow, this is so totally breaking my heart!

    • ViolaCay /

      I’ll have something for you soon Dawn, I promise. Also please note Sienna is, so far, having a great trip!

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