Animal Kingdom Fever – Day 2 at WDW

A nasty virus had invaded our vacation. I had two down and out. One still feeling fine. Nana had taken the princess out of the room and went for a walk. I sat with the two boys who seemed to be getting better by the half hour. Medicines were starting to kick in and it looked like maybe we would make it out.

I had to make some strategic decisions about our plans based on how the kids were feeling, how I thought their illnesses might progress, my own experiences with Disney (I had only most recently been there 10 years prior), and the touring plans that our planner created for us.

Our vacation was scheduled from Sunday night to Friday night, leaving on Saturday morning. Epcot was Sunday just after arriving. We were meant to go to the Magic Kingdom on Monday and Thursday. Hollywood Studios on Tuesday. Animal Kingdom on Wednesday to give us the night free to go to Downtown Disney with Nana on her last night. Thursday or Friday would be a free day/ Magic Kingdom depending on the weather. There were plans in place! Funny thing about plans, eh?

I decided on the Animal Kingdom, because no offense to AK (I love you I really do), but I felt it was the one we could bail on and not really miss.

Animal Kingdom park is only open until 5pm in the off season. I had been there before and from my recollection I figured we could knock it out in a few hours. Also, if someone started to feel bad we could easily leave and be ok with that. So I packed us a lunch and off we went.


We hightailed it to the Safari in Africa. If Nate was himself he would’ve loved it but he did a lot of – “Yup, uh-uh, I see it”.


We got some fast passes to the Everest ride, and moved onto Dinoland, USA. He went on the Dinosaur ride and it scared him and with that, he was finished for the day.¬†Sienna was happily playing in the Boneyard while Theo slept. Well that didn’t take long :-(


This photo was as animated as Nate got on our excursion to Animal Kingdom. He intermittently whined and wanted to boost someone’s seat from the carriage. He never made it to the Everest ride. Theo fell asleep after the Safari and didn’t wake up until the bus ride (this will become his modus operandi for most of the trip).

So after 3 hours, back home we went. My husband went back to the room with the boys. Sienna, Nana and I hit the pool, and the bar. Cheers Nana.



We finished up at the pool and had some dinner. In order to keep the sick away from her and to ensure she continued to have a good vacation, the princess had a sleepover with Nana! In a Little Mermaid Room! Fun right?

See. There is some fun going on, I swear.

I went to the lobby to get some information about medical care in the area. When I returned to the room I could see that we were going to need some of the resources I had procured. I called my pediatrician, they of course couldn’t help, and the night nurse was kind of a crank.

Hubs and I discussed and off they went to urgent care. I kind of started to lose my shit again here. Sending my baby off in a shuttle, a hot mess, without me. I know his Dad can handle it, but up until that moment I have handled every bit of their healthcare. But I needed to stay in the hotel with the baby who wouldn’t be soothed by anyone other than mama. There was some crying. By me. And him. But mostly me.

They came back at midnight. Baby boy had only just fallen asleep, he was still coughing and gagging. Big boy had a script for Amoxicillin and a diagnosis of Pharyngitis but a negative rapid strep. Sound familiar? We started the meds and everyone collapsed into bed.

I’m thinking perhaps we should take it easy tomorrow. You?

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  1. Oh man, I am really hoping for a happy ending…on pins and needles for the next installment!

    • ViolaCay /

      There is a happy ending, but I think you’ll have to wait a few days. Maybe.

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