Day 6 – Magic Kingdom Redux

The FIRST thing we did when we got to The Magic Kingdom on our last day was get to the Town Square Theater to meet The Boss. We hadn’t done that yet because Nate wasn’t with us for the beginning of our first day at MK.


Thankfully it was a pretty short wait and it was so worth NOT going without the big boy a previous day. He gave him such a big hug.

Just when you think your kids are growing up they remind you that they are in fact still kids, and aren’t too big to hug the stuffing out of Mickey Mouse.


Then we stood in line to meet the princesses (Pro Tip – you can get fastpasses for Character meet and greets at the Theater. I recommend this!)



And then some Fairies in Adventureland.




I was a bit frantic in the morning trying to figure out what we needed to do because it was our last day. So after all the meet and greets and after a couple of hours Theo fell asleep (again) and the other two were getting slower and slower.

Today was supposed to be our rest at the pool day remember? I figured they would they would have been pooped by now, but they were extra pooped because of all the sickness. So I put it in a slow gear and we just wandered around the Magic Kingdom. We decided as we went what we would do.


It was actually quite a nice way to end our crazy week. They choose their favorite ride Buzz Lightyear and called it a day. Back to the hotel for some swimming and ice cream, and packing :-(




And some much needed sleep.




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