Blizzard 2013 stops traffic AND the whining.

The Blizzard of 2013 just came roaring through the Northeast and did two amazing things. It stopped all traffic in Massachusetts for 24 hours and it stopped me from whining about our trip for a bit. :-)

Some images for you snow viewing pleazzah.

Blizzard7This one was asleep during all the outside fun. He’ll go tomorrow, don’t worry.




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  1. Great pictures, but I am captivated by your trip story! As a parent who feels very guilty for not taking the kids when we were just in Florida, your honesty is reassuring that they are just not ready.

    • ViolaCay /

      Don’t feel guilty! I think every family has their own best time to go. Had the kids not gotten sick, it would have been awesome! To be clear most of the whining was, and is, being done by me ;-)

  2. If only you had missed the Blizzard while on vacation. But you wouldn’t have that kind of luck ;)

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