Art of Animation Cars Suite Video Tour

When we were at Walt Disney World we stayed at the brand new Art of Animation Resort.

As soon as I saw pictures of the Cars Suite I KNEW that’s where I wanted to stay. My 2 yo has seen the movies at least 100 times. They all love it. I investigated a lot of other options and kept coming back to the Cozy Cone ;-)

Besides the Magic of Disney and the wonderfulness of Nana, the other factor in our trip not becoming a gigantic disaster was our room. Our glorious Cars Suite.

Here’s a tour…


There is supposed to be a video here. If there isn’t please refresh – it’s like magic :-)

Full review of the Art of Animation Resort soon!

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  1. Kelly M /

    We were thinking of staying in the Cars suite too. Looks like enough room for 3 adult and 3 kids. Thanks for the video tour. I really like the table that turns into a bed.

    • ViolaCay /

      The kids fought over who got to sleep in the “mater bed” every night! I think it’s plenty big for that amount of people. And you’d probably spend less time in it than we did ;-)

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