My new cleaning machine

I was horrified when I opened up a particular Christmas present this year.


I have told my husband that things like pots and pans, irons, and VACUUMS are not presents. They’re just not. Jewelry is a present. A vacuum is an indictment on the cleanliness of my house. It’s impersonal. And it will really piss me off. The box was too small to be a vacuum, or so I thought.

In his defense he looked truly terrified when I turned around to look at him after I opened it.

“Honey, it’s an awesome vacuum. It’s a Dyson!” He said.

He explained that he has watched me for years tote the old giant vacuum around the house and up the stairs. It was my grandmother’s – I’m not kidding. Ours broke right before my oldest was born and my Dad gave me this one to tide us over. It worked fine so we never replaced it.

He told me he just wanted me to have an easier time. He said hew was sorry – “But look, it’s purple!”

Well it IS cute.

She makes that vacuum look good, I just make it look goofy.

All the cool girls are packing a Dyson Digital Slim.

All the cool girls are packing a
Dyson Digital Slim.


So there you have, it I got a vacuum for Christmas. Also – it is AWESOME. I love it. It’s a Dyson DC44 Animal Cordless Vacuum.

I also really appreciate that my husband gave it to me. He was being thoughtful and I realize that. He also followed it up quickly with earrings :-)

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  1. You look HAWT! But seriously, the Dyson is da bomb, he did good and the earrings were nicely played. :)

  2. When the hubs and I were still dating he got me a Kitchen Aid mixer for Christmas. His friends thought I was going to kill him for giving it to me but to this day it’s still one of my favorite presents!

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