To Disney World or not to Disney World?

We’ve been thinking about going to Disney World since N was born. Of course that seems impractical, going to Disney with a newborn. So we waited. Then we had another baby two years later, and another two years after that. So we waited.

So now there are three kids ages 6,4,& 2. We think that this might be a great time to start planning for Disney. Or is it?

I’m pretty cheap thrifty. The thought of paying that much for a vacation has me twitching. Will they even remember it? Should we wait until they’re older? Does that even matter? Should we stay on Disney property? Can that even BE cost effctive? Or should we think about staying off property?

So many questions. And from what I’ve found from the first few days of searching is that there are just as many answers. Different answers to the same question. Sigh.

I am a person that has traveled around the world following the sun. I didn’t plan much more than that. The thought of over planning something like this goes against my nature. But it seems that this kind of thing, unplanned, would outright waste money. That, completely goes against my nature.

Yesterday I spent much of the day online trying to figure it all out. Originally I thought surprising them for their birthdays would be awesome. But then I read somewhere else that end of January is cheaper. Since I have to take them out of school anyway, cheaper seems better. Plane fares are also slightly cheaper in January. Is that because it’s cold there? Cold in Florida? It happens right?

Also I’d be willing to ditch the whole thing all together. My kids don’t HAVE to go to Disney. Plenty of kids don’t. We could use that money for loads of other stuff. Seems, well unseemly. But I waaaaaanaaaaaa go. So there’s that.

I saw lots of tweets and post and status updates from friends on the Disney Moms panel at the opening of the New Fantasyland. Now THAT would be a good way to go – as press. Or does anyone know of any contests running right now where I could WIN a trip. That would be easiest I think ;-)

So here are the places I’ll be looking in the next few days to get my act together

The Moms Panel, natch. My bloggy friends know their stuff.

Mouse Savers

All Ears

And of course Disney World.

Ok so I KNOW you all have tips. Lay em on me, I’m all ears. Heh.

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  1. Okay, beyond our facebook commenting yesterday, I am really going to inundate you with reading material now.

    First off, how we ended up going to Disney (if that doesn’t convince you to just go, nothing will):

    And my incredibly long post about our actual trip, since I wanted to remember it all:

    I cannot underestimate how much the “Unofficial Guide” helped me. I really felt like I’d planned the trip without much actual planning. I knew what I wanted to do, what we could skip, how things generally went down. Having some barebones plans really does work.

    We have traveled quite a bit with my kids: annual drives to Ohio, a couple trips to California, and we took them to Paris when they were 7 and 3. But honestly? Nothing has beat that Disney trip in my mind. I am *not* a Disney fan to even a casual degree, and I still think it was the best trip we’ve ever done.

    So I hope you find a way to make it work. :)


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