Love to the Teachers

On Friday afternoon before I picked up N at school, I sent an email off to his teachers. His current 1st grade teacher and his Kindergarten teacher from last year.

I was feeling overwhelmed by the news of the shooting in Newtown and just profoundly sad. Also, thankful. I am thankful for the teachers my child has had so far. We moved to this town for the schools and I have not been disappointed.

It read:

Vanessa & David (and all teachers)

So you know it will take everything in my power not to jump out of my van and hug the two of you. A huge squeezy hug with lots of tears and thanks for being who you are. I don’t want to scare the kids with my crazy.

I am so sad that part of your job is keeping my baby safe, and yourselves for that matter. I just want to let you know that I appreciate you so much. Your job just got harder and for that I am sorry.

Peace and love,


It’s not much and I could never appropriately convey my thanks or sadness on that day, but I tried.

David came bounding down the hill at pickup saying “Don’t worry, I’ll come to you!” and we hugged :-). Vanessa was away on Friday and just wrote to me that she wants so badly to see her kindergarteners. They are wonderful people as well as teachers.

So tomorrow, if you would… leave a note, send an email, give a hug. Just give thanks and a little bit of love to your teachers and administrators. They’re going to have a difficult day.



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  1. Susie Weekes /

    Dear Sharon, Steve, Vanessa and David,
    Thank you for keeping the children safe. Thank you for teaching them peace, and love. Thank you for filling their little hearts with joy, their growing brains with curiosity. Thank you for being the first line of the love for children we are witnessing this weekend from around the world. This holiday season all of humanity is sharing a deep hurt and at the same time a heartfelt and expanded spirit of empathy. Please accept the global expression of compassion as a loud, active, true message of support and appreciation for every second of heart and energy you as parents and teachers invest in the babies who belong to us all.
    Thank you for facing tomorrow with the love and courage and determination to handle those little hearts with gentleness and wisdom. Know all of mankind wakes up with you, takes your kids to school with you and walks into that your side. While you may look around and not see us, please know we are all there with you, supporting you , beiieving you with the very deepest appreciation imaginable for what you do. Thank you.
    with much love

    • ViolaCay /

      Seriously, why have you stopped blogging? You are so smart and wonderful and always say everything that’s right in your heart. Please start writing for all of us again. Please?

      And thank you for this. :-)

  2. I kept one of the kids home today from school. Granted she was sniffling, a bit, but it was enough to convince myself that she needed to be home. What happened is going to change the fabric of this country forever. Thank you for this post, I think Im gonna go write a couple love notes myself. xo


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