Wine I’m Likelii to love

Yes, please. For love of all that is good and grapey can someone please tell me what wine I will like?

You? You site on the internet you will tell me? I’m game!

When I go into the liquor store (packy for those of you of a certain age and live in New England) I am sometimes (always) dumbfounded by what wine to choose. I know what I like, but I don’t know what else I might like because of what I like. KWIM?

A new startup in Cambridge, MA knows what I mean. Likelii brands itself as the Spotify and Netflix of wine. Intriguing, no?

Sure I’ll give it a whirl. I’m postive a computer can do better than the college student that mans the register and my local wine seller. But can it compete with my sommelier? Wait, I don’t have one of those, just that college kid. Wait, Likelii has them on staff and they also have some coding and algorithm nerds (lovingly said by a nerd) that have a built a super magic wine search engine?? I’m beginning to understand.

Likelii homepage
So this is what happens- you go to the homepage and it prompts you to tell them which wines you’ve been sipping (or chugging) on recently. Then you press a button and voila. The sommeliers and algorithmers bring you a list of wine recommendations you’re Likelii to love. Easy.

Can’t remember any names? Haven’t been to a swanky dinner party lately? No problem. Under Get My Recommendation on the home page is a little i. Why they have made it this small I have no idea, but lies beyond it is nothing short of amazing. My favorite part of the site really.

Choose red, white, or both. Then narrow it down. Cabernet, Malbec, Pinot Noir. Oh my. You’re on your way to finding something fantastic in no time.

Likelii wine recommendation
You can keep a list of wines you’d like to try, rate the ones you’ve already tried, and then buy away and have them shipped right to your house (if you live in a state that allows that).

So it turns out you don’t need fancy sommeliers, or seemingly random reviews on the bins (90 anyone? Huh?) You don’t need to pick the most expensive, or the cheapest for that matter. Pick the one you’re Likelii to love by telling the super computer what YOU already love.


(That’s Italian for cheers, I’m not saluting you. Stop already.)


This post (and my sharing on social media) was inspired by my participation in a compensated program by Likelii. I received a gift certificate :-) All commentary and opinions are, of course, my own. Cheers.

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