Pottery Barn Kids hates you.

And me. Well, actually, only Canada. And maybe hate is a strong word. I think they might think you’re dumb.

Canada? I’m talking to you!

I was perusing the Pottery Barn Kids website today looking for a way to tame the art supplies that are overwhelming my dining room. When I see this super cute, I totally want this atrocity that my daughter can never have.

Did I mention that my desk is also in the dining room? So now we’ve got three things going on in the dining room in case you’re keeping count. Art, work, and eating. So this is why I can’t have a room dedicated solely to a fake farmer’s market.

So I’m getting all pissy because I love Pottery Barn. I do. But they make me feel so, well, less than. Ok, ok, THEY don’t make me feel that way. I just feel that way when I look at this.

This is the front and back cover of the Spring 2012 catalog.

Then I remember that way back in the spring I took a photo of this weird thing that I saw in the PBK catalog. Yep, I don’t even have to go to them to feel bad, they come right to my house in the form of a YOU CAN”T HAVE ANY OF THIS catalog.

Anywhooo they were having a Hawaiian Dream Vacation Sweepstakes. I wanted to enter so I started reading about what I had to do.

Pottery Barn Kids Hawaiian Vacation Sweepstakes

Looks awesome right?

Ok so let’s check out the fine print. Does anyone else do this? Just me? Ok.

Do you see that?

Canada I’m talking to you again. Do you see that?


Mathematical skill-testing question must be correctly answered in order to win, if a Canadian resident.

WHAT? What does that mean? I’m just sayin’ I think they think you’re dumb. Or not very good at math, or something. Or maybe they hope you’re not good at math so you can’t win. Or they hate you. I don’t know. It’s weird right? Just me? Ok.

BTW I reallllllly hope a Canadian won that damn vacation.

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