Invasion of the fruit flies

GAH! Fruit flies. God damn mother $#@%&*ing fruit flies.

With the CSA this summer -there were flies. With the aging bananas that are on my counter always – there are flies. But when summer ended and turned to a nice crispy fall air I figured those buggers were gone. Then, all of a sudden, they’re baaaaaack. At one point I was just clapping my hands like a maniac in their vicinity figuring I would get some of them.

Nope. Not one.

Something had to give. Stop dive bombing my wine you tiny useless vermin.

Then I remembered I saw something at my parents house this summer. They grow gorgeous yummy tomatoes. With gorgeous yummy tomatoes you get disgusting annoying fruit flies. I remembered seeing a few little bowls of something on the counter.

So I called him up. He says, “Yo what’s up?” (seriously this is what my Dad says all the time when he answers the phone).

“Help me kill the mother effing fruit flies please.”

“Baby girl? Is that you?”

I’m kidding. This is his fruit fly trap and by default Nana’s fruit fly trap which is how I tie the whole thing in to being about grandmothers. We’ll he is a grandfather, in fact a leeeeeetle bit like an Italian grandmother. Anywhoo…


This concoction is white wine vinegar with a drop of dish soap.

You can use any kind of vinegar you have on hand. Don’t use too much soap. If the layer of soap is too much they can’t get past it to DIE.

Which bring me to this concoction. Vinegar, dish soap, and DEAD FRUIT FLIES!




edited to add (because really? who doesn’t love inbound links? :-) inspired by this post and dedicated to this lady

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