I’m sorry I puked on your house

OMG! Seriously did he just say that?

We are in the middle a viral/bacterial/germy infestation in our house. Two cases of croup, then pneumonia, then an ear infection.

Aaaaaand we’re pretty sure that T has asthma.

It has been two weeks since the croup diagnosis and he’s still not 100%. Barely 50%. He’s been feeling really awful and having to use a nebulizer. He’s completely congested. I’d had enough and called the doctor. The nurse asked if we could get there soon. Sure we can. Let’s get this done!

So we’re on our way out the door and he starts coughing, and gagging. Then coughing and gagging and dry heaving. Oh yeah, this is happening. I move him to a place that has only hardwood because I’ve seen this flick before. He coughs, gags, and hurls everywhere.

Poor thing. (Also, WTF man, I’m trying to get you out the door and to the doctor.)

I clean him up, and set him to the side. Then I start to clean up the floor. At which point a little voice behind me says “Mama, I’m sorry I puked on your house.”

I turn around slowly and stare at him laughing a little. “What did you say baby?”

“I sorry I puke on your house mama.”


And then I hightailed it to the doctor.



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  1. God, he’s awesome. He can come puke on my house anytime. Well, not really.

    • ViolaCay /

      The best part of the whole puking thing was his little voice. Oh my I love him.


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