Dump truck potty mouth and the awful mother

Sounds like a interesting bedtime story, eh?

I have been debating publishing this post with myself and my husband for some time now. I even consulted a bonafide grandmother to solicit her opinion as it pertains to the whole “not your grandmother’s blog” thing. She gave me her blessing. My husband says it’s a go. So it was me that was holding up the works.

Some people will think it’s crass. Some will call me an awful mother for posting it. Some complete losers will call my son names. They will do all this after they’ve stopped laughing hysterically.

Seriously, you will laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh.

Then, just be nice. He’s just a baby. And he thinks he saying what he’s saying , not what YOU think he’s saying. Got it?

Oh for f*ck’s sake. Just watch…


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