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I went to a speed dating session with baby sitters last week. The first thing I have to say is THANK GOD I found my husband before the whole speed dating thing happened because that shit is crazy. It was loud and confusing and hard to keep track of everyone. However, I doubt I ever would have attended an event with men of comparable caliber to the young women at this sitter event. Ahem.

Weird thing to say I know.

But these sitters were amazing. Young and energetic, super smart -all of them were attending top Boston Universities.  They all came with years of experience and references.  And they’ve had background checks. Can you say that about your husband ;-) They’ve worked with special needs kids, understand food allergies, know CPR. They love kids- LOVE kids. They want to play with them and teach them. AND then they said they’d clean up the kitchen too. Are you kidding me?

So this amzing group of young women came from UrbanSitter, a new online way to book your sitter. This site is clean and easy to use. I went on and logged in using my Facebook id. Within a minute I found four sitters near me with a car (the only requirement I have that was missing from all but one of the girls at the event). With the press of a button I could have booked one of them for Friday night and paid online and gone about my business of planning date night!

The real genius of this service is, first the simplicity. Second because it’s connected to Facebook you can tell which of your friends have used and would recommend a particular sitter. Third, they have a mobile app. You can find someone on the go if all of a sudden plans change. Brilliant!

I have three kids and the prices, while different based on experience  all seemed reasonable to me. So go check them out and let the date nights, or mani pedi appointments, or OMG spur of the moment I have to get out of this house right now moments- begin :-)

UrbanSitter is on Facebook and on the big world wide web right here.



All opinions are my own. I received a $10 off coupon from Urban Sitter to attend this event. Otherwise I was not compensated for this post, unless you count the amazing food that Bread and Chocolate in Newton Highlands provided for me to eat while I was there. Then yes, I was compensated. YUM! Thanks Cindy

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