My kid ate coleslaw – COLESLAW

It’s a really strage word isn’t it? COLESLAW.
Is that even how you spell it? God it looks weird. Doesn’t it look weird?


We belonged to a CSA this summer. Next to the tent where we pick up our veggies, they set up a little food table to show us how to make yummy things out of our yummy, likely too expensive, organic, local veggies!

We stopped and on offer were radish sandwiches and coleslaw. I laughed maniacally in my head when the super nice food lady sweetly asked my children if they would like to try some. To my surprise they said yes. To my utter surprise they both like the radish sandwiches. My son, who won’t eat any normal kid foods like chicken nuggets, grilled cheees, or pasta. None of it. That son? He LOVED the coleslaw. Really?! Coleslaw?

Now it wasn’t your normal supermarket coleslaw. It wasn’t mayo based. It was an olive oil/lemon/dill concoction. Who knew? My husband and I don’t like regular coleslaw either. We all ate this for dinner. Enjoy!

Quantities are at your own discretion. For a dinner side dish I used

1/2 Napa cabbage chopped
1 medium Kholrabi julienned

Special Sauce (that’s what the boy calls it and now so do we)
Juice of two lemons
1/2 cup Olive Oli
2 cloves garlic
Salt & Pepper to taste
1 tbsp fresh Dill chopped

I use carrot when I don’t have kholrabi or in addition to when I’m feeling crazy.

I use oregano or basil and put it on pasta – he will eat PASTA if there is special sauce on it!

Special Sauce FTW!

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