Cay’s tea cup

I drink my latte out of the same mug every day. I bought it over the summer as a gift to myself for cleaning up my messy desk. I wasn’t allowed to use it until the desk was clean.

I was drawn to it because I love the colors. Also, I imagined it was something Cay would have had tea out of. I imagined that she had pretty tea cups that she saved for special occaisions. I think they’re all still in my cousin’s house right now. I’ll have to ask my mom for sure.

You see, Cay died when my mom was just 12. Many of the recipes I will share and the ways that she was, come directly from my mother’s memory not my own first hand experience.

My uncle once told me that I looked like her. I was over the moon about that for some reason. I love this tea cup.

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