A crib induced nervous breakdown

Be careful what you wish for, or ask for, or force small children to do, because, well…

You just might have a nervous breakdown over a crib. Yes, a crib.

I’ll be dismantling the crib today and putting together the big boy bed. I am gutted. But it’s what I wanted, right?

The littlest has been going to sleep in my bed for the past few months. He sleeps just fine in the crib for nap, but when I try to put him in at night he screams his head off. After three kids I know enough to know that I do not handle screaming children at bedtime with any grace. It’s best for everyone if I just give in.

A couple of days ago I put the toddler bed mattress on the floor. He thought it was neat the first night but wouldn’t sleep in it. Yesterday for his nap he slept in it for about 5 minutes then just decided it was awesome he could explore his room. Last night I read him some stories and he fell asleep right there on the floor without much of a fuss.

He slept there all night.

This morning I heard his little voice at the top of the stairs. “Mama, I up.” He’s big enough to open his own door and smart enough to let me know he’s up. It’s time.

baby in a stetson

Thank you for the big boy bed ma’am!

So now I am faced with taking apart the bed that has cradled my three children as well as my niece and nephew and putting it on the curb. If I time it right I might even get to see it crunched up in the garbage truck. Ugh.

Your grandmother is right – they grow up so fast.

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  1. Those moments are so difficult, but there’s something to be said for watching them blossom into their own people.

  2. Bittersweet, isn’t it? Stay strong mama. There are going to be so many more amazing moments ahead as your littlest one grows up in front your eyes. Enjoy every moment (at least that is what I tell myself everyday – sniff).

  3. Ugh, these are hard parenting moments. I need to think about weaning Arya at 1 year, currently, because I have been nursing a baby for literally 3 years straight without a break. But admitting my baby isn’t a baby any more, is way harder then it seems.

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