Last week of summer

Happy Summer balckboardThe last week of summer is upon us and I am sad. SAD!

I’m sad because it’s almost over and it was really awesome. Sad because I didn’t need an alarm clock or to pack lunches. Sad because I had my kids frozen in time in the same bathing suits day after day. Movies and late cuddles, night after night. I also managed to do a few things for myself! Soon there will be morning scrambles and afternoon lessons. Saturday soccer games and hours in pick up lines.

For this week I want to focus fully on our last wonderful week. We’ll cap it off with a trip to Storyland and a cookout with our dear firends and then rest and prepare for the first day of first grade and 2yo playgroup. Bunny doesn’t start preschool for another week after that, so we’ll get some nice girl time in ;-)

So our summer in review: I’ll be recapping each day what we’ve done and then we’re off to Storyland at the end of the week!:

We swam at the lake. made lots of snow cones, took trips to the Cape, Saratoga and Vt. We went to the farm to pick up our vegetable bounty and to the libary for book aplenty. We’ll report on saving the best for last trip to Storyland trip soon.

Today, the lake…

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