Hello Instagram! Where have you been all my life?

Oh, on my phone? This whole time? Really? Dammit!

While at BlogHer, when I wasn’t imploding or seeing naked men, I kept hearing about Instagram. Went to a session on it, but left.

Everyone kept saying how much they loved it. I kept saying I didn’t get it. I can’t see all of the photos someone posted what’s the point? I would say.

We went on a short vacation to VT and I logged into Instagram. I put the app on my phone 86 weeks ago. That’s like 10 years ago I think. I maintained that I didn’t like nor would I like it, ever.

Well, I’m here to tell you I love it. LOVE it. I instagramed the hell out of our little vacay. I sent the pics directly to Twitter and Facebook without all those upload, change to tiny url, blabla bla issues. LOVE IT!

And the photos save to phone so I can, oh I don’t know, put them in a blog post if I want…

Old timey feels to the photos or a new age edginess. Whatever you like. But sharing your life with family and friends easily? Grandmothers would surely approve of that. I am declaring this app Nana- approved.


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  1. I just “re”discovered Instagram too! And am equally enamored with it. I’ve also found it to be a great social rabbit hole to escape down when I’m having trouble sleeping.

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