Hamilton Beach Ice Shaver. Sent from heaven.


Or Disney on Ice? Maybe it was Disney on Ice and not heaven. For those of you that have been to one of these frozen wonders of music and dance perhaps you would not describe it as such, but I digress.

I took the kids to Disney on Ice in the Spring. I told them I would not be buying them anything while we were there. Nothing. My mother also came with us, Nana. Now I cannot deny Nana her God gievn right to spoil her grandchildren and buy them all manner of ridiculous light up chastsky. So she bought them something on the way in and I brought snacks.

We make our way to our seats and on the way we pass a vendor (weird I know) selling snow cones. The snow cones were in giant plastic cups. Plastic cups that you think you’ll reuse, but really they’re too big for anything. Buddy hones in on these not from this world colored delights and says he wants one. He says he’s willing to take back the thing he already got to get it. I think this is ridiculous and he will regret this decision. He starts to stomp. And cry. And huff. And generally act like a child that either of my grandmothers would have taken by the ear and dragged out of the rink at top speed.

I am struck by a moment of parenting genius. I tell him that if he lets this one go I will get him a snow cone machine and we can have snow cones anytime we want, all summer.

My mother looks at me approvingly. Buddy looks at me skeptically. I have looked at them before and I know roughly how much they cost. I know that these two snowcones will set me back $30, because of course I will have to get two. I’ve done the quick math, assesessed the sitch, and decided this was my best move to get away from these, high fructose cornsyrup, ice crap things in a BPA plastic mug that will certainly end up in a landfill, messes.

He starts to calm a bit looks at me a little wide eyed and says “I can have a snow cone EVERY DAY?”

“Yes, yes you can.”  He looked at Bunny and then back at me and said “OK.”

Hamilton Beach Ice ShaverAnd so we went inside. My mom and I exchanging knowing glances that said. “You know you have to buy one of those stupid machines now right?” Yes, I know.” I say with my eyes.

I did some research and my mom actually bought one of those torpedo looking ones for her house. It ended up being really loud and not so efficient. I settled on this beauty from Hamilton Beach. I found it at Amazon (Warning! Affiliate link :-) I can’t reccomend it highly enough.

We bought some silicone reusable cups and the awesome spoon straws that make all the difference. Our favorite is raspberry limeade. You know what else it makes? Maragaritas. Oh and Sangria Slushies. Yeah, it’s a thing. I made it and drank it so it’s a thing. You’re welcome. Enjoy!

Hamilton Beach Ice Shaver Sangria Slushie




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