Test of the Emergency Relax System

This is only a test. Which means it was short – too short. It’s a nice name for a post but not actually what happens when you go away for a quick two days with three kids under six. Whoa.

These two things are the most relaxing things that happened. Then I had to put down the camera, quickly.

During this “vacation” husband I talked about what we’d like for vacations in the future.

I want something a bit more old fashioned then sports camps or academic adventures. A month at the beach where the kids can be kids. No real responsibilities or pressures from school, sports,or clubs.

This doesn’t apply so much right now to my kids because they’re so young. But I see some of the frazzled kids around me and it makes me nervous.

During the summer when I was a kid I read books because I wanted to, because I loved to read. Not because it would give me a leg up on my peers or because it was required to get ahead. We went outside when we wanted and made up games. We stayed up late and whispered stories to each other at night. Sunburns, bug bites, and scraped knees – we lived.

They grow up so fast. I just want to try to slow it down a bit, if only for one glorious sun filled month in the summer.

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