Old school baggin’ it.

I went to the grocery the other day, spur of the moment, so, no bags. When I asked for paper the bagger took out a paper bag IN a plastic bag.

“The paper bags don’t have handles so we have to put them in plastic if you want to carry them that way.”

Or anyway for that matter, I think to myself. The paper bags were tiny. She sees the look on my face and says they have other bigger paper bags… She busts out these beauties.


Giant old fashioned, I’m going to the A & P and Tommy will carry these to the car for me – paper bags.
“Wow, those are so old fashioned!” I say.
“Sometimes the old fashioned ways are just better.”, she says.
Indeed bagger lady, indeed. It’s like she KNEW I just started a new blog.

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  1. Too funny. I nearly tweeted to Stop & Shop today that they need handles on their paper bags. I too forgot my reusable bags in my post vacation haze and was terribly disappointed in the paper bag offering. Although much better than Market Basket who only uses plastic bags and puts one thing in each one. I came out last week with more plastic bags than I’ve touched in 6 months. (Again, vacation haze and forgot my bags.)

    • ViolaCay /

      It’s so crazy that they don’t have handles!!
      Gah -the one thing in each bag drives me batty. I’m the girl repacking at the end of the checkout ;-)

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