Introducing Viola Cay.

Everyone meet Viola Cay. Viola Cay meet…everyone.

Viola Cay is a place to talk about family.

About cooking, homemaking, parenting.

About money, work, love.

About travel, events, stuff to do.

Lots of thing really. I’m looking at it all through the lens of our hyper tech-ed out society while thinking about how it used to be. How it was when, say, our grandmothers were doing these things.

How was cooking, cleaning,and parenting different? How is it the same? Maybe I’ll just rant about the Housewives too. But I bet our Nana’s did their share of ranting. Perhaps it was over the fence or the laundry line and not on Facebook.

I have three kids under six at the time of this post. I have a lot on my plate. So this  is very much a work in progress. I will get another, maybe not almost scowling, picture for my About page, actually Pin something, and create some categories that make sense.

Our world seems so rushed and crazy, and sometimes it’s okay, and sometimes I just want to shield my kids from it. Shield myself from it. So we’re going to be walking between the present and the past. We’re going to try to recapture some of the old school ways with an iPad in tow. I might even give away some of Nana’s secret recipes along the way. Come with us!

But also, I might not write about any of that ’cause it’s my blog and Not Your Grandmother’s Blog ;-)


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  1. Kathy Gavini /

    This blog idea is great. A place for us to discuss family traditions and exchange ideas about raising children ( they don’t come with instructions !). Our Mothers and grandmothers can be teachers to other mothers as well as their own children. My mother -in-law often shared her ideas (even if I did not want the advice at the time) and suggestions and they have held true through the years !!

  2. It was so awesome meeting you! You are a rockstar, I can’t wait to read more of your posts..from one mom with 3 under 6 to another..HUGS, lots and lots of HUGS!

    • ViolaCay /

      You too Isra! Hugs back atcha.I can’t believe we didn’t know our kids were the exact same ages.

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