Eating on the farm. Radish Sandwiches.

My family and I recently joined a CSA. It’s lovely. We go to the farm to get our vegetables, pick some of our own, and basically help my children understand that THIS is where food comes from.

To help those of us that are kale impaired they often have someone there with some samples of simple recipes. I walked by the table with the coleslaw and radish sandwich samples to see what our bounty was. Partly because I don’t like either coleslaw or radishes and partly because I was eager to see what else there was.

The kids, they lingered. I started to gather our veggies keeping them in the corner of my eye. They came over to ask me if they could have some of the little sandwiches. The clincher here was that they were made on baguettes. My kids could live on fruit, cheese, and baguettes – they are quite continental. Sure go ahead.

They ate four.


Did I mention already that they had radishes on them? Of course, of course, it’s in the title of the post. You know. But seriously, RADISHES!

So naturally, as you do when your kid likes something that they’ve never had before, I ran to the store to get bread. We had them for dinner as an appetizer.

I called my mother to tell her all about THE RADISHES and she says, “That’s so funny. Your Dad always tells that story about the radish sandwiches.”

What story about radish sandwiches?

“OMG are you kidding me? You know the story!” And she tells me the story calling my father to the phone at the same time time to tell me the same story she just told me. Of course I remember it now. It was recounted to me on many occasions.

When my Dad was a boy he worked on a farm. I heard this story many times during my childhood, especially when I didn’t want to do my chores.

“When I was your age I was working on a farm! Working. I’m asking you to pick up your room for God’s sake.” It was much louder than you’re reading it right there, but you get the idea. He worked when he was a kid. He used to tell us about how when they took a break from the fields his mother would give them radish sandwiches. Basically Italian bread and radishes, but when you call it a radish sandwich it just sounds better.

To make it sound even better I think I’m going to call it… Ravenello Panino.

Simple. Yummy. Nana approved.
Buon appetito.

Oh and that cole slaw I said I didn’t like? That, my friends, will be our next recipe. YUM!
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  1. So simple yet so delicious. I bet that would be so tasty with salted irish butter. Is it lunchtime yet??

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