Hakuna Matata

We had such a good time at Disney on Ice Mickey & Minnie’s Magical Journey the other night at the DCU Center in Worcester!

We got to meet Minnie and Mickey before the show. The kids were stoked :-) The skating was great and so were the songs, of course!

As with all the shows the merchandising was crazy. Nate and I had a throw down over snow cones that came in plastic cups that were going to set me back $30. I told him no about a million times. Then I had a flash of parenting brilliance, or desperation, you choose.

I told him that we could take the $30 we don’t spend and get a snow cone machine and he could have one anytime he wanted this summer. His choice. One now, or one anytime he wanted for all of eternity.

I am proud to say he made a very wise choice. Hakuna Matata.

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