Dr. Panda Teach Me! App Review

You’ve been there, scrolling through the pages of apps wondering which one will actually be educational, entertaining, and hold their interest? I know .99¢ or $1.99 isn’t a ton of money, but it sure does add up, especially if the apps are used once and then abandoned.

The other day we got Dr. Panda, a game from TribePlay

Dr. Panda, Teach Me is an interactive educational app for toddlers and preschoolers aged between 2 and 5 years old. This really is the beginning and ending ages for this game. I gave it to my 23 month old and he messed around with it, but just kept pushing the home button to find Talking Carl. I let my almost 6 year old give it a whirl and he gave it back to me in 3 minutes.

There are lots of different games with many funny and engaging animations, sounds and educational activities. I love that they use the same words we use at home for doing a great job, and that the  game has a reward system and not just points. The rewards are choosing among all the animals to make your own zoo. She really loved this part!

I was concerned that the graphics to actually get to the games are really small, but once she knew where they were she didn’t forget! For that reason I think it might be best as an iPad app. It didn’t stop her from playing with it for an hour straight though!

Dr. Panda’s Teach Me! is certified by the kidSAFE(c) Seal Program. Dr. Panda is safe for you and your children: there are no links, notifications, advertisement or in-app purchases.

Here’s a video for the game from Tribe Play:

You can get yours at the iTunes App Store. There is also a free lite version if you have a fear of app commitment.


This was a sponsored post. I received this app for free from TribePlay to offer a review. All opinions are my own.

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